Corporate Culture

Sustainability development of brand garment accessories manufacturer.

Environmental Policy

Enviromental guideline: regeneration cycle, energy conservation and emission reduction, legal compliance, integrity.


Sustainable Development

Talent Cultivation And Management

1. Improve the organizational structure of managers; balance the relationship between managers; Improve the quality and level of managers; care about the mental health of the manager; scientific management.

2: Improve the innovation ability of employees by implementing the replacement of old and new, experience and scientific exchange, and combination of theory and practice.

3. Respect the uniqueness of each employee and provide everyone with the opportunity to find their own position and development, ensure equal opportunities, and realize self-worth.


Raw material:
Use materials that have a relatively small impact on the environment. The purchase of materials meets the testing qualification standards. The raw materials are natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Picture 1:
“THE RECYLING PROCESS TEXTILES”:Collecting used textile waste – Sorted & mechanically shredded – Scraps are shreddded into reclaimed fiber – Spinning yarn – Knitted or wowen into fabric – Made into garment accessories


Picture 2:
“THE RECYLING PROCESS PLASTIC BOTTLES”:Plastic bottles are collected from recycling centres – Sorted & mechanically shredded – Melted down & forced through a spinneret to create fibres – Processed & spun into thread – Knitted or wowen into fabric – Made into garment accessories

Raw material:

Improve research and development capabilities, expand diversified product innovation, and create more renewable and environmentally friendly products.

Biodegradable, recyclable.


Energy reduction:
Solar panels are installed on the entire roof of the factory to promote energy saving and emission reduction.

Reduce waste generated in the production process, reduce unnecessary material consumption, collect recyclable waste and do waste recycling.

Water resources:
Save water and eliminate waste.

Contribute To The

Pay attention to social public welfare issues, participate in environmental protection public welfare activities.

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