About Product

It can be distinguished according to craftsmanship and material, as well as usage. For more details, please consult customer service.

Woven mark, wash mark cut and fold type methods are:
a: There is a single-sided fold: the edge of the cloth label is only folded on one side.
b: Fold in half: Fold the cloth label symmetrically from the middle.
c: Wide and narrow fold: The upper and lower edges of the cloth label are folded with one side long and one side short.
d: Fold up and down: It is a cloth label, with the upper and lower edges partially folded.
e: Long and short fold: The left and right edges of the cloth label are folded with one side long and the other short.
f: Fold on both sides/fold on the left and right: Fold the left and right ends a few millimeters.
g: Ear-hanging fold/hanging fold: The left and right edges of the cloth label are folded upward.
h: Fold on both sides/fold on the left and right + fold in half: fold the left and right ends a few millimeters, and then fold in half in the middle.

You can try before you buy with FREE samples. Just click ‘Inquiry’ on any product page or give us a call and we’d be happy to help. You can show your ideas to colleagues, get feedback, check sizes, and give the product the once over.

The woven label can be up to 12 colors.

We usually choose Pantone color.

It depends on whether the technology can be realized.

Most use polyester materials. Special materials include but are not limited to: metallic yarn, recycled polyester yarn, linen yarn; gastrodia yarn, tencel yarn, cotton yarn, reflective yarn, luminous yarn, temperature-changing yarn, light-changing yarn Lines, optical fibers, etc.

Clothes, shoes, cap,suitcase, accessory, cultural and creative product, home textiles, decoration.

Yes, we provide customers with one-stop accessories solutions.

If you have artwork, please convert the file or send the source file or customer service.
Files in high definition pixels: PSD, AI, CDR, PDF, JPG, PNG.
Customers who need to design, please provide the following information, design content/logo size, Pantone color and special.
process requirements, please contact customer service.

Yes, the size can be changed according to customer needs.

Different backing materials and accessories can be selected according to customer needs

It can match existing similar products, but it needs to be customized. Because we don’t have it in stock, we all need to customize the order mode. You can refer to the craftsmanship and materials.

About Sales

Can be delivered to the local area according to the customer’s needs and address.

About 7-15 days after placing a large order.

The boarding fee is refundable when you place a large order.

Payments abroad are made by transferring to our company’s US account for collection. Products are all tax-included and can be invoiced. Special invoices cost 13%.

Just click ‘Inquiry’ send an email to contact us on any product page or give us a call or and we’d be happy to help.

Determine the price based on different craftsmanship and materials.

If it is a bulk product that has already been produced according to the order, it will not be refunded if there is no quality problem, because it has been clearly confirmed during the early customization and confirmation of the sample.

If our product is what you want

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