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Unveiling Golden Brand’s 2024SS Animal Protection Collection: Innovations in Sustainable Fashion

Protecting animals is an investment in our shared future. Each species plays a crucial role in the ecological balance, ensuring the stability of our ecosystems. Golden Brand, a pioneer in environmental advocacy, aligns its values with sustainable development. Through technological innovation, the company integrates environmental protection into its production processes, safeguarding the authenticity and integrity of ecosystems for a sustainable future.

Bull Pattern Woven + Silicone Printing Composite Label

In a world grappling with ecological challenges, biodiversity loss disrupts the balance and stability of natural ecosystems. The bull, residing in grasslands and forests, symbolizes strength and courage. The “PROTECT ANIMALS” composite label intricately weaves a skull eroded by harsh environments, serving as a poignant reminder to focus on and cherish animal conservation.

Utilizing eco-friendly silicone screen printing, the label achieves a three-dimensional effect, enhancing clarity and durability.

Stone Blue Main Labels

Inspired by the vibrant hues of azurite, a copper mineral displaying a vivid blue-green color, these main labels adopt a soft and layered stone blue tone. BT43412-142 employs eco-friendly silicone printing, enriching the label’s texture for a striking contrast with the background. The delicate patterns create a three-dimensional, high-definition appearance.

3D Embroidery Animal Protection Patches

Following the fall/winter trend of the Merlot color palette, these patches utilize 3D embroidery technology, offering outstanding tactile and visual effects. The edges feature embroidered borders for durability and wear resistance. Customizable in various sizes, these patches cater to diverse purposes and preferences.

Silicone Printing Embroidery Composite Patches

This collection employs eco-friendly silicone screen printing for text, coupled with embroidered edges to reinforce product durability. The irregular shapes add an artistic and personalized touch. The patches boast the elasticity and durability of silicone, combined with intricate embroidery patterns for clear lines and enhanced aesthetics.

Composite Leather Embroidery Patches

Diverging from traditional embroidery patches, this variant features leather as the base, with diagonal embroidery accentuating its decorative appeal. High-frequency embossing enhances the patch’s texture, exuding a natural grain and gloss, elevating its sophistication with a balanced sense of structure.

Embrace Style with Purpose – Golden Brand’s 2024SS Animal Protection Collection

Golden Brand’s 2024SS Animal Protection Collection seamlessly blends innovation with sustainability, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental conservation. By integrating these products into your fashion repertoire, you not only embrace style but also contribute to the safeguarding of our planet’s biodiversity and ecological balance. Join us in championing the cause of animal protection for a brighter and more sustainable future.


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