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Golden Brand’s Felt Series: Unveiling the Latest Additions

Exploring the Versatility of Felt

Felt is a versatile material made from wool or other animal fibers. It’s commonly used in crafting, making it a favorite choice for creating felt toys, flowers, hand embroidery, and more. Felt is easy to cut and sew, and it retains its shape exceptionally well. As a result, it’s perfect for handmade projects and also finds use in packaging and protecting items. Its soft, cushioning properties make it ideal for gift wrapping, safeguarding glassware, electronics, and delicate items.

Woven & Embroidery Badges

Our Woven & Embroidery Badges, a unique combination of high-density weaving and intricate embroidery techniques, bring together felt in an artful collage. These badges artfully combine yellow woven labels with GB letter embroidered badges to create designs that are both layered and artistic. These badges find applications in various fields, including clothing, footwear, and bags, adding a touch of fashion and personalization to your products.

GB Letter Composite Badges

Introducing our GB Letter Composite Badges, where felt serves as the base for our GB embroidered letter designs. These badges combine woven labels and silicone printing techniques, enhancing the texture and decoration. Special edge cuts add to the allure, making these badges eye-catching as brand symbols or accessory elements, showcasing style and personality.

Embroidery & Silicon Printing Badges

Our Embroidery & Silicon Printing Badges combine fine embroidery with clear silicone screen printing, utilizing eco-friendly silicone materials in line with our commitment to sustainability. These badges are not only durable but also maintain a high level of quality.

Embroidery & Woven Decorative Pockets Badges

Our Embroidery & Woven Decorative Pockets Badges are crafted from high-quality felt, each pocket meticulously embroidered with patterns and text, giving them a unique and durable character. These pockets come in autumnal colors that exude warmth, making them perfect for accessorizing. By using embroidery and woven labels, these badges add richness and diversity to the overall look of felt bags. Not only do they elevate the bag’s aesthetics, but they also make it stand out as a fashion statement.


Elevate Your Style with Golden Brand Felt Badges

Felt is a remarkable material that has a wide range of applications, from crafting to packaging. Golden Brand, a company known for its innovative felt products, offers a variety of felt badges that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a fashion-forward twist or a sustainable choice, our felt badges have got you covered. Explore the world of felt with Golden Brand and discover the endless possibilities it brings to your creative projects and product enhancements. Visit our website to explore our complete collection of felt products.

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