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Golden Brand Shines at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2023

The curtain rose on March 28th for the highly anticipated 2023 International Textile and Apparel Fabrics Expo at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Among the eager participants was Guangdong’s very own trendsetter, Golden Brand, presenting a dazzling array of new products and innovative solutions. After three years marked by the pandemic, the fashion industry finally has the chance to come together at this year’s first major trade event.

Setting the Stage

Join us as we venture into the heart of the exhibition to witness firsthand the exhilarating moments of the event! Golden Brand, a one-stop solution provider for fashion accessories, showcased a plethora of fresh fashion and accessory products that set the exhibition hall ablaze. From cutting-edge designs to novel solutions and finished products, Golden Brand captivated the audience with its trendsetting visuals.

Team Spirit

With the first day of the exhibition underway, the Golden Brand team was in high spirits, eagerly awaiting the arrival of each visitor. The team, equipped with profound product knowledge, provided detailed insights and answered inquiries from every client with patience and enthusiasm. Their dedication built bridges between Golden Brand and its customers, delivering professional and sincere service that underlined their unwavering commitment.

Cultural Exchange

On the inaugural day, Ms. Liu Hui, Vice General Manager of Golden Brand, was invited to share her insights at the “National Style Supply Chain Salon” held at the North Pavilion of the Shanghai National Exhibition Center. She illuminated the development and trends of the “national style culture” in the realm of clothing accessories. As cultural confidence continues to grow, people’s sense of identity, belonging, and trust in Chinese culture has surged. This cultural confidence, now a cornerstone of industry brands, presents an era of optimal opportunities for product self-assurance.

Cultural Integration

Golden Brand is embracing the concept of “culture as the soul, culture as empowerment, and culture as integration” within fashion accessories. This approach aims to create distinctive and value-symbolizing cultural products that are imbued with Chinese fashion flair. The brand is poised to shape a uniquely Chinese style in the fashion world, accentuating cultural integration and differentiation.


The 2023 International Textile and Apparel Fabrics Expo served as the platform where Golden Brand showcased its commitment to innovation, customer engagement, and cultural integration. As the fashion and accessory landscape continues to evolve, Golden Brand remains at the forefront, igniting trends, and setting benchmarks for the industry. The exhibition was a resounding success, leaving participants excited about the direction that the fashion world is heading towards.
Stay tuned for more updates on Golden Brand’s journey in the world of fashion and accessories!

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