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A+A 2023 Exhibition Review: Golden Brand Shines in Düsseldorf

The A+A 2023 exhibition, held in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 24th to October 27th, has come to a successful conclusion after three exciting days. Among the multitude of exhibitors, Guangdong Golden Brand Technology Co., Ltd., our company, captured the attention of numerous visitors. Our dedicated staff engaged with attendees with enthusiasm and patience, effectively showcasing the exceptional features and advantages of our products. The result was a strong interest in collaboration from professional attendees and exhibiting companies alike.

In-Depth Product Highlights:

Flame Reflective High-Frequency Composite Badges

  • Reflective material for enhanced safety awareness
  • Incorporates multiple manufacturing techniques for a dimensional effect
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Flame Pattern Composite Patches

  • Utilizes weaving, silicone printing, and embroidery for a high-quality, multi-color design
  • Ensures high density and no overlap in colors
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Fire Safety Reflective High-Frequency Composite Badges

  • Features a combination of weaving, silicone printing, high-frequency technology, and Velcro for DIY customization
  • Offers endless possibilities for design variations
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Gradient Color Woven Composite Patches

  • Combines weaving, silicone printing, and embroidery to create a gradient woven base for a visually stunning effect
  • Elevates the visual aesthetics of your products with a layered design
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Amidst the thriving fashion accessory industry, staying attuned to customer needs is tantamount to securing our future.Golden Brand, putting customers at the center of its operations and keeping market dynamics in mind, is committed to delivering the highest quality services to our clientele.

Golden Brand pledges to provide a comprehensive and efficient one-stop solution for the sustainable development of brand clothing accessories. With a mature and professional approach, we aim to contribute significantly to the prosperity of the fashion accessory industry.

Company Overview:

Guangdong Golden Brand Technology Co., Ltd. is a top-tier manufacturer of trademark accessories with nearly two decades of experience in R&D, design, production, sales, and brand services in the garment accessory industry. Located in Foshan city and covering an expansive 10,000 square meters, Golden Brand is equipped with state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities for weaving, embroidery, and printing technology, as well as customized apparel accessories. Our dedication to quality has earned us the trust and partnership of international luxury brands, cross-border e-commerce leaders, top domestic e-commerce brands, and the most stringent environmental protection brands in Europe.


A+A 2023 proved to be an exceptional platform for Golden Brand to showcase our innovative and high-quality clothing accessories. With a customer-centric approach and a commitment to excellence, we look forward to contributing to the continuous growth and success of the fashion accessory industry.

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